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Below are some locations to help you determine where you would like to go on your boat charter.  This is not all of the options but is a start.  For more locations Beach Bum Boat Rentals has a great page full of information.

jost van dyke boat endless summer

Jost Van Dyke, BVI

BVI's smallest island, but filled with lots of fun. Soak up some sun on the white beaches while enjoying an original painkiller, at the Soggy Dollar. Head over to the east end of the island and enjoy a natural jacuzzi, at the bubbly pool, a small cove lined with large rocks that breaks down waves into white foaming waters. Beautiful turquoise waters and colorful corals make Sandy Spit a great place to snorkel.

St John Boat Charter Pricing

St John, USVI

With so much to do on St John, it's hard to choose from. Head on over to Trunk Bay where a beautiful white sanded beach and turquoise waters awaits. Cool off for a bit and snorkel the underwater trail filled with coral. Enjoy some time on land, while hiking the virgin Island national park with endless trails through the rainforest.

Buck Island, USVI (Turtle Cove/Shipwreck Cove)

Also known as Turtle Cove or Shipwreck Cove, Buck Island offers some of the best snorkeling.  The surrounding waters offer beautiful marine life, in particular, endangered sea turtles. Visitors can snorkel or SCUBA through a shipwreck – the Cartanser Senior, swim with turtles, or just relax in the crystal clear water!

Virgin Gorda Boat Charter Pricing

Virgin Gorda, BVI

Swim or snorkel " the Baths" of Virgin Gorda, located in the British Virgin Islands. Beautiful boulders, that are believed to be formed by volcanoes, create many caves and grottos that are waiting to be explored.

Norman Island, BVI

Known for the inspiration for Treasure Island. Take a daring dive through the caves that are filled with beautiful sights of tropical fish and crystal blue waters making it a wonderful location for snorkeling. One your way stop off at the Indians Rock. This shallow spot attracts many different fish and sea creatures. A great location to snorkel and take a swim through an underwater cave.