Whether you are looking for a day trip boat rental or a longer charter, Endless Summer and her crew will be there to take care of all your wants and desires.   As a result, you will create indescribable memories that will last for a lifetime!

Why Choose a Power Catamaran rather than a Power Boat or Sailing Catamaran?


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Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Check out the list of packages we have set out for you with pricing. With so many islands available, we are able to also customize your experience to suit your desires and  give you the vacation of your dreams.


Not sure where to go?

Explore the different destinations the U.S. and British Virgin Islands have to offer.  With Endless Summer, you will be able to explore farther destinations in less time departing from St. Thomas or St. John.  In addition to US Virgin Island departure, we offer ones from the British Virgin Islands as well which is available upon request.

See what Endless Summer has to offer.  

Ample room for all your guests and with the speed far greater than sailing catamarans and that similar to a Powerboat, you will have the ability to explore more of the virgin islands for an experience you will never forget.


Best boat trip ever.  Endless Summer is a great boat.

James Stevens Publisher

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